What is the Rolling Bull automatic payment program?

Members on the Rolling Bull program can elect to pay their Membership/s in full or in monthly instalments.

The benefit of being a Rolling Bull Member is that the Membership/s will automatically renew each year. For a Member who has a reserved seat, this is the only way that you are guaranteed your same seat for the following season.

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Monthly Rolling Bull

Members on the monthly Rolling Bull payment program, will have their Membership fee deducted in eight equal instalments. The first instalment is charged on application and the following eight instalments are charged on the 1st of each month until April 1st, 2021.

If a Membership is purchased after an instalment period, the initial instalment charge will equal the previous instalment/s as per the payment schedule.

Members on the Monthly Rolling Bull Payment Plan will be notified within five business days if a payment has been unable to be processed and the payment has fallen into arrears. If a Member falls two payments behind, access to games at Campbelltown Sports Stadium may be denied until payments have been received.

The monthly payment schedule for the 2020/21 Season is as follows:

Instalment 1 Charged on purchase
Instalment 2 October 1st 2020
Instalment 3 November 1st 2020
Instalment 4 December 1st 2020
Instalment 5 January 1st 2021
Instalment 6 February 1st 2021
Instalment 7 March 1st 2021
Instalment 8 April 1st 2021

Annual Rolling Bull

Members on the upfront Rolling Bull will have their Membership fee deducted in one lump sum payment upon application of Membership. Members on the upfront Rolling Bull will have their Membership scheduled for automatic renewal in June of each year. If the renewal payment cannot be processed the Member will be notified and the Membership will not be renewed.

Update Payment Details

Members are asked to notify the Club on 1800 462 855 or if a card number or expiry date has changed to ensure that payments are processed when due. Any fees levied to a member by the member's financial institution will be payable by the member.